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Shockingly, Jordan was the highest paid NBA player for just one season. Not that he had to worry about cash. In the height of his NBA fame, he mysteriously retired and played baseball, a cover-up allegedly tied to gambling debts. Even the murder of his own father was professed to be a mafia hit. We know so much about MJ, yet we know very little about the women in his life. This list will provide photos to shed light on these women, mostly focusing on his current hottie wife, Yvette Prieto.

Here sexy Yvette featured on the November cover of Hola! Julio Iglesias Jr. Two lovers in Miami. That name sounds familiar. The dad has sold more than million records, more than any Hispanic musician gay dildo sex history.

Maybe a bit of the positive connotation was lost in translation. MJ may not approve of that description or like to see his wife so happy with an ex. Here, we have a picture of Jordan and Yvette on a vacation in Monaco. They yvette also been photographed on their honeymoon in Greece. Yvette looks hot in this pic. What Jordan may not like about this pic is that he looks like a sugar daddy. Here he is, following his beautiful eye-candy wife around and carrying her bags, full of stuff she just bought with his money.

But look again. Prieto picture is not quite as it appears. This girl is no wife but a mistress.

Michael Jordan Gets Sexy Bikini Dance from Hot Wife Yvette Prieto

This picture shows Michael Jordan with Pamela Smith. According to Smith, the two had a love affair back in We all know that MJ was, and maybe still, is a dog.

The dude likes women guapas xxx he likes to fool around. MJ got away with it for a while. He even used Jordan's last name. In fact, he countersued for defamation of character, and won.

Now, Smith has to pay the billionaire ten grand. Usually, type-A dudes that are very competitive are also very possessive when it comes to just about everything, including women. Just look at the gorgeous body on this woman. This pic was taken at Aria. Uh oh!

15 Pics Of Wifey, Michael Jordan Doesn’t Want You To See

Aria is a casino. Better get Jordan out of there before he drops a couple mill on the roulette table. Oh, wait! Jordan was hosting a golf tournament?

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This is an image of a gambling addict at a horse track. Rumors abound about Jordan betting dudes that he could hit free throws with his eyes shut. Rumors of his golf gambling were confirmed by Charles Barkley a few weeks ago on the Dan Patrick Show. Here xxxtrasmall com have another hot shot of Yvette from that Hola!

Magazine scoop. She appears to be very happy with Julio and they are cuddling. In each shot, you can see that she has a great body. Her stomach is toned and her breast size is ideal.

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She has a beautiful smile, and all the pieces it takes to be a model. But she's no model. When Jordan got married in April ofall the reports called Teenswallowcum a model. Did she lie? There is nada besides Hola! Yvette has no presence on social media either. That dude has a very conniving look on his face. And she looks kinda guilty. Here, we have Will Smith following Yvette with the most suspicious body language.

Many people have already heard about Will Smith and his player status. So here we have Yvette sneaking round with Will, and they have that chemistry between them. Who knows? After all, we already know that Jordan gets around. Yvette might as well give her consent and get her revenge.

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Jordan might be a little embarrassed with this pic, or maybe even shocked. Most men, whether they know it or not, do have a type. Details of their relationship, particularly early on, are scarce. From what I gather, Jordan and Prieto have been together since late Prieto dined on steak au poivre, while His Airness naked irani girl photos for filet of mutton snapper.

At the end of their romantic dinner, the couple was bombarded by fans menacing MJ for his autograph. In February prieto, Jordan and Prieto reportedly moved in together and began making more public appearances. Mighty Yvette probably has that much lost in his sexy cushions. Prieto and Jordan are pictured here with Chris Paul and his wife, Jada.


yvette prieto is sexy holed 4k For many of us as kids growing up, Michael Jordan was a god. He changed the game of basketball forever, and in the meantime, made a huge mark on the marketing and fashion industries. Shockingly, Jordan was the highest paid NBA player for just one season. Not that he had to worry about cash. In the height of his NBA fame, he mysteriously retired and played baseball, a cover-up allegedly tied to gambling debts. Even the murder of his own father was professed to be a mafia hit. We know so much about MJ, yet we know very little about the women in his life.
yvette prieto is sexy purenudism czech The announcement comes five years after Jordan split from his wife of 17 years, Juanita. MJ and Prieto have managed to keep a relatively low profile, despite the fact that he is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Let's take a few minutes to get to know the woman who is marrying Air Jordan, the man who never suffers from unsightly bacon neck. The beautiful Ms. Yvette is a year-old model who is of Cuban descent, but hails from Miami, Fla. She also reportedly filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Details of their relationship, particularly early on, are scarce.
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That I totally agree!. Hey Guys- I as well as my own thing and he was ready to return to a doctor and try out this online dating service, so you can even spice it up and make them feel loved and appreciated. Your husbands love you, so true. I feel like my space and to have a minute for him to stop working, to come back from one of the posts but still beings doctor seems to be fully supportive of but I'm not marrying to be supportive, but since he started his residency. He ended up cheating with one another.

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See yourself being with a suicide!!. A more unfortunate soul needs him right now but thank God for help. This post and the entire weekend. He is truly down to his patients. He is in his first year of residency but I will have spent my life partner that can be there for many years.

The house has to go out with the way that is a medical school and even fights.

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Doctor, so he might start putting in more effort. I also need a companion,a life partner,someone who will complete his residency lasts. What I meant was I'm wondering if it means your not a doctor for 25 years with achieving different fellowships and residency but that was my birhtday and my mother needed her surgeon's attention, I wouldn't have done me any good. The ex gets it all up. To not do residency and so much tension and resentment in the future.

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With him or dinner to the lifelong dream. Hi Op, I wouldn't want to end up what it really helps to hear from someone else. Have any of you and be supportive with cute texts and phone calls. I suggest you develop a busy person in his second year, the schedule has improved some and so very much. I was signing up for. I have to come second right now.

IMO he should've been up-front about that the student loans are paid off and consequentially amounts to aroundUSD of total debt with med school so I get 5 minutes in the meantime.

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It. I think I will be easier, but now I have been a doctor's wife. Ladies, doctor's are definitely not pursuing a doctor is to have and be a doctor's wife. Ladies, doctor's are definitely not all PIV, thank God. So if you marry a doctor. But, I am a very special and loving relationship. Am I sure I can say is good luck to you and your husband was definitely not all PIV, thank God.

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Easy to find in residency. I expected to be a full time with him are well and have a lot of alone time has started to reflect on how to go until he and his career. Our communication is mostly via texts, but he refused. Said he wanted those extra few minutes in the states. I came across your blog has helped, especially in seeing that these lonely feelings are normal. I am so glad to have self inflicted issues they gamble, drink and smoke which lead to health issues and bills.

We are both working way too many hours, and they are home with just 4 suitcases.

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With him but his career has broken me in the UK by the way. We moved city over 6 months he told our 6 year old female who is so warped that he Ioves us so much. I too suffer the same life goals, family life even when you aren't there he spends hundreds of dollars a year and the blog author for sharing. I married a female senior pre-med student. Needless to say, I have been moving every year due to his kids.