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11 Great Quotes From 'Thelma and Louise' (and See the Original Trailer!)

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Thelma and Louise

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16 Best Thelma And Louise images | Thelma louise, I am awesome, Friendship quotes

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thelma and louise meme veronica moore shemale The Oscar-winning road trip buddy film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Callie Khouri was groundbreaking. Not only did its two empowered female characters strike a worldwide nerve, the movie also helped set the bar higher for female roles. Empty comment. You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again. Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly.
thelma and louise meme yoga instructor porn By Jerry Barmash For Dailymail. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton lights up Twitter for his choice of head wear. If you're not familiar with the movie, the female bank robbers get away from police by driving into a canyon and likely killing themselves. Not everyone on social media went for the Thelma and Louise reference. And another posted a picture of their dog wearing a similar scarf, and accused Newton of stealing her look.
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