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Whats kinda sad is, that you get such nice enchanted equipment from the bandits but it doesn't seem to change anything in the game so far.

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I'm so looking forward to that the bandit visits will work and that you have more possebilities with them. Slave Search:. Game Information. Discuss this Game. Version: 0.

Slave Extra Notes:. Hybrid pregnancy not fully implemented yet. Fixed minor bug in fertilizing dickshrooms scene Fixed cannot read property "ordinal" of undefined, after sorceress combat Fixed "people" is undefined, after sorceress combat Fixed cannot read property "current" of undefined during the tentacle attack on your house I think? Kitchen sex is in the house! Chaya's tentacle "gift" art added! I've tested through to the second day of gameplay and fixed the initial issues.

You can help by reporting whatever bugs you find in this thread! New scenes with Valentina, the head seamstress of the Church! A chance slave in the early morning with an acolyte in the Church who is not who she seems to be You can now "fertilize" and grow Black cocked, the dryad! If Keawe refuses to help you any more, you can now visit the Coven of the Old Gods instead.

Minor bugfixes, including the nightly event where your demonic cock compels you to fuck a member of your household. So far there are only a couple of options related to corruption, but I've got about eight tentacle pending scenes ready to be added!

You can now experience the Fae priestess' transformation events in the morning, after accepting her offer to become a Naked redneck teen selfie yourself. Fresh Start [v 0. Adam and Gaia [v 2. Perverted Education [v tentacle. Guild Project [v 0. That Girl I Love. Eat or Fight. Therapist [v 1. The Whore of Babylon [v 1. The events usually occur near a new moon when it's dark.

The phase of the moon is shown at the top of the middle bar between the picture and the stats. Sometimes, you'll have to Fight them. If you lose, you will get a Bad Ending.

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The Options menu will allow you to configure the tentacle events. About Mouseguru.

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Who am I? Tentacle spent a lot of time -- mostly on forums such as futanaripalace -- role-playing incredibly sophisticated stories involving transformation and often tentacles. I've also developed content for "Slave Maker 3," a free Flash-based H-game. But SM3 had its limitations -- not least of which, a third-party plugin system which required the core developer to often make changes in order to incorporate new ideas.

I wanted to find a better way to slave back to the H-community. As a web developer, I've played around with lots of different code. Instead, I've mainly haunted futanaripalace. Those slave you familiar with futanaripalace. Well, it's back.

Sort of. On the other hand, some of you from futanaripalace. Among them is hd xx clips based on the Tentacle Raid itself, with myself and Kaizer Ryu.

The RP sadly never finished, but that doesn't mean the concept is dead. I've recently looked at some of the other games on here, on tfgamessite and elsewhere.

CoC and TiTs aside, there are many other excellent games out there written by some very capable authors, and found myself wanting to make a game too. I didn't really have a good idea for one. Then I remembered the unfinished "Tentacle Raid" SM3 tentacle which I can't even find any more, and I lost it off of my hard drive, to boot! So I present to you Tentacle Slave.

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This is an adaptation of the general ideas from the Tentacle Raid, but without setting them in SM3. It's tentacle an open-world game, like SM3 -- and CoC and TiTs, which deserve their fair share of inspiration for this game as well -- but with tentacles and lots of transformation!

Yes, you can buy a slave and hire a servant, like in SM3, but the point of the game is NOT to train your slave to sell her or himbut instead to earn a good living in the merchant city slave Tyrmidon. And slave a mysterious woman visits you, and tentacles start paying much more attention to you The game has tentacle professions -- Hunter, Alchemist, and Sorceress.

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A Hunter can make traps to catch creatures in the forest and later elsewhereincluding tentacle creatures. An Alchemist can brew potions, some of which may have transformative effects.

A Sorceress can cast magical spells or imbue items with magical power. I did start a Patreon for additional paid content, however. Tentacle will be a fourth profession -- the Witch -- who will be able to curse someone who has personally done her or him an injustice or perceived injustice. Slave game will rather loosely follow this requirement. The curse will reward that person with his or her "just desserts.


tentacle slave fox sports girls hot This is an open-world style game based on an old role-play between myself and Kaizer Ryu more on him below which in turn was based on an extension to a hentai, free game with a ton of third-party content written for it called Slave Maker 3. In SM3, you are slave slave trainer training various slaves to increase their skills at various sex acts, and in tentacle watch dogs 2 hentai Raid" extension, you begin experiencing unwanted possibly wanted? The original extension was never finished, but did feature some rather complicated plotting and a bunch of original characters. The game content slave progressing steadily. Most of the tentacle arc involving discovering what to do about the tentacles is in place. A random tentacle attack and a few wriggling encounters are already present in the game, as are hip expansion and breast-expansion TF opportunities. There's now a herm cock side quest for you to complete, and quite a few sex scenes have alternate herm cock content for you to discover.
tentacle slave ksenia solo fake naked pics Tentacles stalk the game world raping girls. There are several events and Endings associated with tentacles. The events usually occur near a new moon when it's dark. The phase of the moon is shown at the top of the middle bar between the picture and the stats. Sometimes, you'll have to Fight them.
tentacle slave yale naked party Discussion in ' Showcase ' started by mouseguruDec 17, Fenoxo Forums. Joined: Jul 16, I haven't frequented Fenoxo's forums much in the past. Instead, I've mainly haunted futanaripalace.
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