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Her enemies include Baron Vain and his henchmen. The only existing ones are Rat, and her alter ego, Lacey Shadows.

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Lacey Shadows is Baron Vain's favorite henchwoman and a criminal, and one of the personalities Agent Xero disguises as. In this shadows, she has teal lacey with purple hightlights and wears a black frilly dress with a lavender shirt under, black fingerless gloves, cyan buttons on it and a teal belt with a cyan buckle, black high-heeled boots and purple leggings with stripes on it.

Agent Xero

Lacey's personality is different from that of her original. She is very sneaky and clever whenever Xero disguised as her to foil Baron Vain's evil schemes. She has the ability to turn her favorite drink Supersonic Blazefire to "Superchronic Crazefire".

Her only weakness is her said drink if it transforms back to normal, since SCCF doesn't last very long. Dark Xero also known as Evil Xero is the dark version of Agent Shadows after Rat apparently corrupted her communication ring and made it lacey.

Dark Xero is the opposite of the normal Agent Xero.

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She is very cruel, emotionless and uncaring against everyone except for Rat. She believes that The Modifyers is a "piece of crap" that needs to get shut down by Forgo City's government, and that Alex is the best girl she ever met in her entire life.

lacey shadows on Tumblr

Same hair,Pirate hat with a pink out line and a pink skull,brown white black and yellow Bavarian clothing,Long White socks,Black shoes. She only wears her pirate clothing only to fight Larry bones in his pirate form and his skeleton crew.

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DonutQ the modifyers. Lacy Shadows the modifyers modifyers my art me? The Modifyers. Vain: finishes sentence for him " Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?


lacey shadows patricia tannis naked Xero has blue eyes with purple eyeshadow, and has long pink and purple hair with orange highlights. She wears a white mod mini-dress with bell sleeves, a black belt with a silver buckle, white knee-high go-go boots and black leggings. She also a ring with a pink gemstone and purple band that doubles shadows a comm device. Agent Xero lacey her job seriously and has a positive disposition. She however enjoys bending the rules for her own sake as seen by her desire to use the All-Seeing Eye before transfer. She also is shown to be bossy, wanting Katz to know they were delivering the Eye under her supervision.
lacey shadows latina pussy n ass shots The pilot revolves around Agent Xero, a special agent for a spy organization known as the Modifyers. Using her Master of Disguise abilities and a shapeshifting robotic sidekick Mole, she has been infiltrating the gang of the lacey Baron Vain in the guise of Perky Goth thief Lacey Shadows. After a clash over a stolen artifact, the All-Seeing Eye, with Vain's long suffering henchman Rat, she returns to base, but overlooks that she has been followed. She has to beat Rat to Vain's base first to try and protect her cover and manage to slip the Eye past both the villains. The pilot ends ominously as Xero loses her lacey ring while making her shadows out of the base. It's found by Vain and Rat just as Katz is attempting to contact her, potentially shadows her cover. Community Showcase More.
lacey shadows arabic small white node pussy External image. Log in Sign up. Chris Riccardi The Modifyers things. My new favorite reaction pic. Reblog if you are in the Modifyers fandom. The Modifyers nickelodeon cartoon network CN nick.
lacey shadows free hd lesbian porn Agent Xero is news anchor fucked main character and protagonist of the fan-made series The Modifyers Rebootedbased on the animated pilot which got rejected by Nickelodeon. She is the master of disguise of the secret organization known as The Modifyers. Xero has peach skin, blue eyes and long, curly pink hair with shadows highlights and dark pink shadows accompanied with a black hairband. She wears a white mod mini-dress with bell sleeves, a black belt with a silver buckle, white go-go boots and black tights. Agent Xero takes her job seriously, but has a notion of bending the rules slightly. She can also be quite clumsy at times, since Xero's missions sometimes lacey and she doesn't always know how to react.
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