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Anushka is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood with glowing skin and healthy hair. She has the perfect combination of beautiful skin and hair, stunning height and a body to die for. Her vibrant, energetic and peppy persona portrays her as someone who is sturdy yet delicate, sensitive but responsive at the same time. This picture was taken on 19th April at the Mumbai International Airport.

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She was clad in white tee and black pants and wore no makeup at all. Anushka is a naturally beautiful girl and is anushka very fresh and glowing even sans makeup. This Anushka Sharma no makeup look is definitely a hit! Anushka sports a grungy look with a black vest topped with a checked shirt, denims and sneakers. Anushka was accompanied by her brother Karnesh Sharma. Here again Anushka was spotted in a no makeup and casual look at the Mumbai Airport.

I totally loved this look of hers. Very pics and stylish, right from the beige top to the brown boots. The bangs she is seen sporting suits her very well. Anushka Sharma was spotted at a multiplex in where she had gone to watch a top adult games online. She was dressed in a simple white t shirt and cropped pants armpit red loafers. There is no trace of makeup to be found on her face sharma her hair is casually tied in a bun.

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Anushka has opted for a total unglamorous look and looks like an ordinary girl in this image. Anushka had uploaded some of her non makeup and de glam looks on Instagram and twitter which had created quite rainia belle casting wave in the Indian Film Industry.

People went speculating that she had gone under the knife to get her lips augmented. But she rocked the deglam avatar too. While a lot many celebs crib about being jet-lagged and hence, looking dull, here is Anushka fresh as a daisy flaunting her heart-warming smile dressed in a leather jacket, tee and a pair of denims which by now, we have surmised that are her staples!

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Did you spot any trace of heavy-duty makeup there? No, take a closer look. Did you now? Love the non makeup face. While most celebrities cover their faces with whatever they catch hold of in sight when caught sans makeup, here is a lady smiling, waving and getting clicked by shutterbugs voluntarily without makeup and any fuss or tantrums. Brownie points for that, Ms.

Ever heard of the term post-workout glow? Then here you go. Anushka Sharma shows you what this unheard term stands for.

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Sweating it out at a gym without any trace of makeup, the lady glows and proudly flaunts her cheeks flushed pink in aplomb. And if you thought it is a picture captured by paparazzi, you are mistaken for it is uploaded by Anushka herself on her Instagram profile.

Talk of self-confidence and miss out Anushka? Naah, that is not happening anytime soon.

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And would any exorbitant blush every do justice to the natural flush of pink that her cheeks are covered in? Anushka continues with her no makeup game and makes us fall in love with her all over again!

I agree, Ritam. Save my whitney wright anal, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Vanitynoapologies Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog. Get help. Home Makeup Celebrity Makeup. She looks just so pretty without makeup… : : :. Even without makeup she looks flawless :.

And very lively too! Naturally Flawless and I love her carefree attitude : Great post.


anushka sharma armpit pics sexy hot very young naked teen girls Anushka Sharma is a pretty actress who wowed many Indian viewers with her angelic face and million sexy women cunt smile. She started modelling at anushka tender age of 16 and was later selected for Lakme Fashion Week and Les Vamps by renowned designer Wendell Rodricks. Thereafter she starred in several big films with stars like Sharma Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. Anushka is one of the most armpit actresses in Bollywood with glowing skin and healthy hair. She has the perfect combination of beautiful skin and hair, stunning height and pics body to die for. Her vibrant, energetic and peppy persona portrays her as someone who is sturdy yet delicate, sensitive but responsive at the same time.
anushka sharma armpit pics hot nude japanese girls orgy You get Anushka Sharma! Believe it or not, the girl from Ayodhya definitely has it in her to compel you to turn back and take notice. A svelte figure, gorgeous face, glowing skin, beautiful hair, towering heightsome really author-backed performances read: NH 10 and a go-getter attitude are all in her kitty. Quite often have we noted celebrities look dull, haggard and nowhere as flawless as they looked on the silver-screen. Thanks to the fact that women regardless of profession are always unfairly expected to look drop-dead gorgeous, female celebrities have it all the more tough.
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