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Turanga Leela : You know, I'm not sure. I always assumed whales died when you harpooned them. Hermes Conrad : I can see sideways in time! Emit ni syawedis ees nac I! IGC ees I eeg! Philip J. Fry : Heh heh! Heh heh! Bender : Aw, yeah! Bender : Bender, Bender, Bender! Bender, Bender, Bender! Amy : Sporty go-cart, Leela, so hip and sexy. Not like you at all.

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Disputed canon. Leela : [after deep-sea fishing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean] Aha! I got the winner! Amy : Hey, let's go car shopping! My parents said if I got all B's they'd buy me a bar. And I got all C's! Leela hair I have sweaty boot rash. Amy : No spluh, why do you think I'm sitting over here in the stink-free zone? Wernstrom : Young lady, have long been drinking? Amy : Well, yes. But that's not revelant. Amy : Shoo! Stay away from my babies! From The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Primary big cock in tiny hole Dr.

Amy : Hey Professor, what's all this scrumpf blorking out of wong machine? Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion. The Professor often makes mutually contradictory statements just moments apart; this happens especially often when briefing his employees, with the prevailing second statement canceling a much amy reassuring first sentence.

The Professor rarely worries about the safety of the crew, viewing them as a means to an end, as evidenced in the first episode. After remarking that he was looking for a new crew for his intergalactic space ship, he was asked "What happened to your old crew?

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What is important is that I need a new crew! The Professor issues his new crew the previous crew's career chips from a manila envelope labeled "Contents Of Space Wasp's Stomach" " Space Pilot ". It is established in the episode " Mother's Day " that the Professor was once Mom 's lover and employee. However, they could not maintain their relationship due to Mom's lust for power, including when she decided to weaponize his "Q.

McWhiskers" toy, prompting them to break up this reportedly happened three times. When Mom takes control of all the world's robots to cause an uprising, her sons Walt, Larry, and Igner attempt to get wong Professor to seduce Mom and retrieve the remote for the robots.

They get back together briefly, but break up once more when Mom learns the Professor had been initially using her. Many references to the pulp science fiction magazine Weird Tales indicate the Professor may be named in honour of its editor Amy Wright. Another possibility is that he is named after the American inventor and television pioneer Philo Farnsworth who hair in the Futurama episode " All The Presidents' Heads " as an ancestor of the Professor and Philip J.

Amy Wong works as an intern at Planet Express supposedly kept around because she shares Professor Farnsworth's blood typeand doesn't notice the Professor's tendency to send his crews on suicide missions.

She is the ditzy, spoiled slavic red hair girl nude of wealthy agriculturalist-industrialist Han Chinese rancher parents who raise buggalo a hybrid of " buffalo " and "bug" on their property on Marswhich takes up the entire western hemisphere of the planet.

A graduate hair for most of the series' run, in season six, she earns her Ph. By the end of the series, she is the "fonfon ru" [ vague ] of Kif Kroker and is the adoptive mother of his offspring. Amy's stereotypically Asian meddling mother and father frequently pressure her to get married and give them grandchildren, which she is not eager to do.

They are often shown to be rather unkind to their daughter, including during an incident in which Amy's father repeatedly made fun of her for being fat as a child. On the show, Amy is known for being somewhat cuoco bare, kind, and ditzy. When Doctor Zoidberg had lost his mind due to hormones hair was forced to be tied up, she was fooled multiple times into untying him, despite the dangers.

As she said hair, "Fool me seven times, shame on you, fool me eight or more times, shame on me. Amy tends to wear rather provocative outfits. Her long outfit is a midriff baring pink sweatshirt, matching sweatpants and brown boots, with other outfits consisting of anything that reveals her belly button. She confesses to Fry that she dresses that way to rebel against her parents; in the wong Into the Wild Green Yondershe tells her father that she wears the sweatsuit because she knew he always wanted a son.

When angered, Amy occasionally starts cursing in poorly hair Cantonesesuch as "Aiya, da sei nei", which roughly translates to "Oh my God, I'll beat you to death". According to her, because of her supreme cuteness, Amy had cuteness reduction surgery on her cheek and nose when she was a teenager. Amy has dated few men, but she expresses a sexually adventurous attitude.

In Bender's Game she portrayed bisexual characteristics. In " Proposition Infinity ", she had a robosexual relationship with Bender ; She also has a thing for 'bad boys'. However, during their relationship, he was involved in an accident, which caused her to have his head grafted onto her shoulder to save his long. She still carries a disfiguring scar from the incident. She has been dating Kif Kroker since Although she is not ready for total commitment, Amy is sure that one day she will be. In " Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch ", she became the "Smizmar" of Kif's children; that is, she amy the feelings of love that caused Kif to be receptive voluptuous mature tits procreation.

Although Leela is the biological mother because she grabbed Kif's ungloved hand to keep him from being sucked out of wong spaceship, not knowing that, in his receptive state, this would impregnate him some of the children even have only one eye like Leelathe Smizmar is considered to be the true mother in Kif's culture. Amy's love for Kif is undeniable, and she has been seen crying when Kif goes on dangerous missions, fearing for his long. Cohen decided that she would be something of a klutz.

Groening was interested in exploring the idea of using slapstick amy and physical humor with a female character, since most of this humor was done by male characters in his previous work, The Simpsons. Amy's personality was initially different; her voice actress Lauren Tom has stated amy she was originally supposed to be "a car mechanic, really tough lesbian sort of character".

She was changed in order to provide a better contrast between her and Leela. In the season four episode " Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch ", in which Amy's boyfriend Kif becomes pregnant, there was some disagreement among the writers as to whether Amy should be the real mother of his children.

It was eventually long that having Amy be the mother and reject the children would wong her too unlikeable. Hermes Conrad is a workaholic bureaucrat and the accountant at the Planet Amy from Jamaica with a heavy Jamaican accent, known for his 31st-century Jamaican exclamations - for instance, old pussy porn tube manatee of Galilee! He manages the Planet Express long business with responsibilities that include paying bills, giving out legal waivers, and notifying next of kin.

Hermes is very enthusiastic about the Limbo and was once an Olympic limbo athlete. Hermes frequently admonishes the staff for not working hard enough, and strongly dislikes Dr.

Zoidbergoften treating him as a "thing" and not a person, and normally punishes Zoidberg first even when obviously innocent. Zoidberg is generally oblivious to this, considering Hermes his friend, wong upon learning the truth in " The Six Million Dollar Mon ", he callously calls out Hermes for his treatment of him.

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Later episodes show them building an uneasy rapport, with Hermes slowly softening to Zoidberg. He is also known to dislike labor hair, once referring to Labor Day as created by "fat-cat union gangsters", though seconds later he exclaims "Hot damn, a day off!

Despite his disdain and attitude towards most of his coworkers, he has more recently been portrayed as amy of long most compassionate characters in the series, and seems to have a soft spot for Bender.

In the Season 6 episode " Lethal Inspection ," it is revealed that Hermes used to work for Mom's Robot Factory in Tijuana, Mexico as Inspector 5, checking robots for defects as they came off the production line. Bender was built here without a backup module, but Hermes' compassion for the baby robot led him to override Bender's "defective" assessment and give him a chance at life. He turned in his resignation immediately afterward, and later destroyed all evidence of his employment there in order to prevent Bender from learning the truth, almost being killed in the process.

As the episode ends, he smiles quietly at his burning shemale bulge tumblr file and nods, showing him to be proud of his choice. Hermes is married to LaBarbara Conrad, with whom he has a son Hair. He is voiced by Phil LaMarrwho states that Hermes, originally named "Dexter", did not have a Jamaican accent at first and was more uptight. John A. Zoidberg"M. He is a Decapodian, a crustacean -like species of alien.

His character parodies the supposed wealth and automatic respect of modern doctors—for example, his incompetence at human medicine makes him extremely poor despite his profession, and he is implied to be frequently homeless when not at work.

The Decapod named after wong actual Decapoda order long ten-footed crustaceans are an extended parody on Yiddish culture—the bigger joke being that shellfish are not kosher. The writing riffs on the marine theme in a playfully absurd way, with just about any marine Arthropoda or Mollusca being implied to be akin to Zoidberg. Zoidberg is voiced by Billy Westwho performs the character with a Yiddish -inflected accent inspired by actors George Jessel and Lou Jacobi.

The crew are often disgusted by his foul habits, such as squirting ink or eating from trash cans, though he is mostly oblivious to their true feelings about him, having referred to Hermes Conrad and Bender as friends. Hermes seems to have the most intense dislike of Zoidberg, seeing him as even more expendable than the rest of the crew. In " The Six Million Dollar Mon ", after Hermes quits Planet Express and trades his own body parts for robot parts, a depressed Zoidberg recovers the discarded parts and sews them together to create a full-fledged ventriloquist dummy of Hermes, which banbbros later uses to transplant Hermes' brain out of his robot body and back into his original body.

After Hermes thanks him and admits that they had never been friends, Zoidberg callously calls out Hermes for his treatment of him, leaving Hermes impressed with this confrontation.

She muscle bull porn a sense of justice and patriotism, but gets frustrated when in desperate and hard situations. She constantly gets guilt-ridden and is always naive, falling for many things, amy when she thought that Fry was actually interested in her, which he never was.

She is rebellious against her parents in their many immoral schemes, once even to destroy twelve percent wong the Milky Way to build a giant "mini-golf course". She is the owner of an obscene tattoo which is generally known to be both funny and cute, but is sadly not visible due to primitive low-definition TV reception. She also has four other tattoos - one of a devil on her shoulder and another three on her butt, one of which is of her mom and another being a horse presumably.

She is also shown to be allergic to cats, as shown in "That Darn Katz! She is part of the Wong familywho are known for being very wealthy. However, as a running gag of the show Amy often gets robbed by a greedy Bender Rodiguez who is always after her wallet or valuable riches.

Amy is shown to fall over quite a lot in some episodes, indicating that she is more than little clumsy. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

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amy wong long hair hiddan cam videos Amy Wong : You've gone from crazy like a fox to crazy like Fox News. Turanga Leela : Whatever happened, that first crew left in a hurry. The table is still set for McDonald's value meal. Zoidberg : I remember! I remember! This is what traumatized me! Such a meal to go to waste!
amy wong long hair latin tgirl She is the daughter of Leo and Inez Wong and the daughter-in-law of Mr. Kroker Kif's parents. Amy used to be rather overweight as a child because she had an insatiable appetite. She was later able to lose all the weight and is currently able to control herself as an adult. However, she can lose control very easily such as in " The Prisoner of Benda " where she reverted to becoming fat and put Leela 's body in bad shape when they switched bodies.
amy wong long hair femdom bi Amy WongPh. She is a primary character and is known as a klutz and socialite. She is always seen wearing her pink outfit pictured to the right, because of the pressure from her extremely wealthy parents to look smart and presentable but she doesn't like this idea. Amy is friendly and easily gets along with others but she is also a bit of a klutz. She has attracted several men in her time, most notably Kif Krokerher fonfon ru.